Design services provided by Enex include, but are not limited to:


Mechanical engineering

dispozitiv hidraulic 1Design services for mechanical engineering industry cover projects such as: welding equipment, assembling equipment, lifting equipment, checking and control mechanical systems, machine tools components, dies and molds.
In the automotive industry, our portfolio includes: equipping several gearbox assembley lines of a famous company in the field with measuring devices, assembly and verification of safety rings, processing engine block stands, etc.In the industrial engineering tools our experience covers a wide range of clamping devices for processing machines (CNC machines, machining centers, milling/drilling machines etc.) which have either manual, pneumatic or hydraulic drive, lifting/handling devices for special parts, testing/measuring tollerance devices for machining etc. 


Civil and industrial constructions 

Hala 2Enex has experience in the civil and industrial structures being involved in projects related to the design of warehouses, industrial halls, showrooms, office buildings, gateways (stairs, platforms, gangways, raillings and roofs), stadiums and more. Building elements must satisfy certain economic conditions, technical, structural strength, stability and durability. In our projects, the team performed the statical and stress analysis of the structural elements as well as the technical paperwork required for the building's construction authorization and the technical drawings. Thanks to cutting edge software and experience of our engineers, we perform structural optimization and verification, we bring new and effective solutions which meet the requirements of each project in the shortest time posible.


Extractive industries 

G03082Enex team has an extensive experience with world-class clients from extractive industries. From aggregates and industrial conveyors for the mining industry, to complex extractive equipment, Enex team contributed to the design of dozens of surface mining machineries (bridge bucket wheel excavators, mobile transfer conveyors, belt conveyor systems, conveyor bridges, spreaders). Our range of solutions covers the most dificult applications, enabling us to offer the most reliable design solutions and adaptability to customer requirements.


Naval and Marine industry 

Ship LoaderIn the naval & marine industry, Enex team is ready to provide you with design services for port equipment; load/unload equipment for containers, load/unload equipment with conveyors, steelwork supports for different components and systems (electrical units, hydraulic, engines and aggregates). All these devices are meant to facilitate port loading/unloading in a more efficient manner of the ships that arrive in port whatever they carry (coal, containers, etc..). All these devices have been noticed both by relative ease of operation and low maintenance costs. Among the advantages of using this kind of equipment we mention: low maintenance costs, high reliability, fast loading/unloading, easy to use, small number of staff.

Railway engineering 

In the railway sector, Enex developed a long term collaboration with the German company BIP - Technology GmbH for designing ultrasonic probes, handling systems, installations, devices and equipment for repair and control of rolling stocks.